Breaking ground

Breaking ground

Having our own brewery has been a long held dream. To be able to innovate, accelerate and own every stage of our crafted process. And thanks to the amazing support of our Seedrs investors, it’s finally happening!

Tucked away in a beautiful corner of Midlothian amidst rolling countryside is Rosemains Steading, a new community of makers and producers housed in converted farm buildings. We’re making our home amongst them in what was the old wood chip store. Fuelled by biomass and solar energy, we can’t wait to push the sustainability of our process further.

We’ve had setbacks, delays, and all manner of hiccups along the way but we have the keys and have got the ball rolling on the installation. The wait for Scotland’s first dedicated alcohol-free brewery is nearly over! The first job on site is one of the least glamorous elements of a brewery, but something crucial to get right from the start.

It’s critical we get the foundations of our brewery right, and that starts with floors and drainage. It feels somewhat strange that the first thing we’ve done is break apart the lovely floor in our new brewery to install the drains but there’s no better time to get it sorted before all the equipment is in.

Things really kick on as soon as the drainage is in as we can get all hands on deck painting the floors ahead of the kit installation and our very first brew on our own system. Right now the plans are in place for the brew kit to wake from its slumber over the Forth in Fife and take the short ride over the famous bridge and into the brewery.

The big question is what do we brew first? 

There’s only one answer that makes sense to see the brewery into this new era. The beer that started everything all those years ago: Yardarm. There’s no better way to kick things off with our old faithful and beloved brew, and the perfect way to learn all there is to know about our new equipment and get it spot on. We’ll then begin working our way through the core range, breathing new life into our classics before we embark on new styles.

We’re also looking forward to getting started on the crowdsourced brew we promised our crowdfund investors and we can’t wait to see what they want to drink.

So keep your eyes on our social media feed as we’ll continue to provide updates throughout the build as well as information about brewery tours in the new year!

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